Things To Note When Posting Here

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Things To Note When Posting Here

Post by -=[WoShiNoobie]=- on Wed Dec 10, 2008 10:24 pm

Welcome to The Compound Requests Section!

This section is only for requesting for compounding formulas for equipments and items.

Try to search for an item's compound formula before you post here as others before you may have already requested for such a compound.

When requesting, please state the following
--> Item's Name (e.g. Defensive Armor)
--> Item's Rank & Level (e.g. Rank 19, Level 38 )
--> Item's Statistics (e.g. DEF +25, SPD -6)

When the formula request has been answered (and moderators verify it) successfully, the moderators will move it to the Completed Formula's section.

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