The Do-Not's For Posting In This Section

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The Do-Not's For Posting In This Section

Post by -=[WoShiNoobie]=- on Wed Dec 10, 2008 10:34 pm

Welcome to the section we will all love the most! The Completed Formula's Section!

Please do not post anything here (except for various special cases that will be listed below) because this section is for formulas that have already been verified and moved from the Compound Requests section.

Only post a NEW topic in this section IF:

* You have a new formula that was never requested (in the request section)
* You have modified or found an alternative formula different to that was requested (you may also want to post on the request topic that you did this, but don't move it to fulfilled unless the moderators approve of it)

*MODS fill here, what sorta punishments you want to mete out if someone does not follow rule*

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