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A guild to join or that can help Empty A guild to join or that can help

Post by Temeraire on Tue Jan 20, 2009 1:12 pm

Well i don't see a LoC guild on Libra but my guild is willing to help anyone who needs it. Whether this just be quest help or they are looking for a guild to join that will help them.


I am the leader of the Dragon Teeth guild on Libra.
We are always open to new people, especially those who are looking to have a good time Razz

( Taken from our post on the WLO forum )

What level do i have to be?

At the moment we are recuiting players who are lv 15 +

How do i get an invite?

If you would like an invite you can either catch me or one of the co leaders on the server ( I am usually on 3 ) but that might take a while so i advise you to either post here or send me a PM

Ok, but how are you differnet from other guilds?

Each leader of our guild has differnet specialities. For example i have the highest tent items and i know how to get a lot of items or furniture. If you were stuck trying to make something or just wanted a gentle nudge in the direction of which item you should make. or would help you the best, I would be very happy to give you advice

The other leaders? One for example is a master fighter and alchemy wizard. If you are in the guild and you need a formula, she is the person to go to! Also we can tell you where to get the items that are needed. Can't get the items? Well we will charge you to make the item ( obviosly with a big discout if you are a member).

I don't want help with either of those, how else will you help me?

We understand that some people love doing quests. I will help members complete quests for FREE. At the moment we are doing:

ALL Kelan quests
ALL Welling quests
ALL Holy Quests - Undeserved roca, Elin, Clive, La Tim etc
Various other quests liek Ocean Heart Pieces and Transport designs

We will also be helping with various Kyotoa quests, to find out more join the guild!!!!

I want someone to train with ...

Well then we can help anyone train, be it offering them new locations, or teaming up with them for leveling.

Can i get a official place in the guild?

Places are open! We always need good inviters, contacting me once in the guild and we can talk about you becoming a inviter. Also we are always open to new badge designs!

Any other help

If you don't want to join the guild or you want to ' try us before you join' then we are always open to helping any people. Certain quests like Kelan and Welling at the moment we do for free but Holy we charge those who are not in the guild


1. Treat other members with respect
2. Use the guild chat but don't spam it
3. Be active ( we won't kick you if we know you have problems but if you just disappear one day and don't say a word if you come back in 3 months / 4 months don't be suprised if your kicked for new space.

Any other questions just ask Smile

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