IGG Adds Big Bling and Scheduled Maintenance Done (Enjoy 2x Exp Event now)

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IGG Adds Big Bling and Scheduled Maintenance Done (Enjoy 2x Exp Event now)

Post by Maery on Mon Feb 16, 2009 5:54 am

With the increasing number of IGG players, we have opened even more servers to make sure that our games run smoothly. However, at the present time our current server facilities are at their capacity limits, so we have decided to move all of the servers to a better IDC (Internet Data Center). This move will take place from approximately 2:00pm February 17th to 6:00am, February 18th EST (GMT-5) during which period all IGG games and official websites and forums will be unavailable. With this move we are not only increasing the server facilities, but also the number of and quality of the servers. With all this new hardware, players will soon be enjoying an even better environment for gaming than ever before.

Breaking news, the scheduled maintenance on February 17th will be delayed until February 18th. The latest patch for Wonderland Online will be released. During this update, the game client will be updated automatically. If the client cannot be updated automatically, then you can download the latest patch and install it manually. This patch will correct the Husband is fishing quest and some translation bugs.

Additionally, there will be 2X EXP event for 24 hours after the maintenance.

The rewards for Wheel of Fortune -100% Winning Rate II , Gifts for Leveling up(last weeks), Credits Auction and Credit Mall(two weeks) will be charged to the winners' accounts. To receive your rewards correctly, winners should have at least 5 available slots in their backpacks before the maintenance begins.

PS:The credits for With your lover will be charged into players' account before the maintenance completion. Please check them out after maintenance.

Stay tuned for more news.Sorry for any inconvenience that this big move causes!

The WLO Team


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