Defense Armor Goes On Sale One Day

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Defense Armor Goes On Sale One Day

Post by Maery on Mon May 04, 2009 7:13 am

The new version of Wonderland Online-The Cursed Palace will be released on May 5th. To celebrate this and provide our players with more fun, the WLO officials will be putting the cool Defense Armor on sale in the Item Mall. Defense Amor is a piece of equipment with a fabulous appearance as well as the great power. What's more it will be even stronger if you equip it with the Gold Swan Helmet, Gold Boots and the Gold Gloves.
This is a limited time offer good for one day only! Don't miss out!

Sale Time:
May 4th EDT(GMT-4)

What's more, Players who buy Defense Armor will also get 180 Credits.

Defense Armor:
Specializing in defense. Def +50 points

The WLO Team

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